Decor for Any Occasion

See how a variety of color and candles can light up a room
The palette for tapers ranges from understated pastels to bright citrus hues.


For a lot of people, a table set with candles is reserved for special occasions: birthday parties or anniversaries, romantic dinners or some kind of celebration. I was recently reminded of how silly it is to save the things that bring us warmth and beauty for special occasions only. 

Venturing into friends’ homes for small get-togethers is slowly starting to come back as a possibility, and this is where the reminder came from for me. My friend had set a beautiful table, and truly being together was something to celebrate, but the candles were unlit – that is, until her adorable and precocious 3-year-old squealed in delight to light the candles because “it’s cozy!” Of course it is. There is just something about the warm glow of a taper candle … and something fabulous about several lit down a table or even placed around your home.



The wide array of colors available for tapers is astounding – from sage green to coral to robin’s egg blue. If you can dream it, you can find it locally in your favorite home or design shop, or if need be, the internet. 

As for Edie, the 3-year-old, I couldn’t agree with her more.  It is cozy and let’s be that again, together, in the most responsible, safest ways that we can.  


Crystal candle holders courtesy of Tulips in Norman.


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