Desk: Tops

Tools for your creative space


September rolls around and the new agendas, planners and unsharpened pencils roll out.

Maybe it’s school, maybe it’s work – either way, you need some new swag for your desk, and/or that briefcase, messenger bag or backpack. Here are some cool tools that look great on display in the home office, at work, in the classroom or at the coffee shop. Plus, they can be thrown in the bag when it’s time to change where your workspace may be.



From PostScript Appointed notebook, $24; Wander pencil set, $8; Lists & things notepad, $8





From Chirps & Cheers Camel vegan pencil case, $15.95; Craig grid blue pencil case, $49.94; Page Pals summer sky flags, $6.25; 2018-19 My Agenda planner, $42.95; Set of Le Pens, $18.95; Sharpeners, $2 each; Exclamation notes, $13.95





From Blue Seven Herschel Sandford messenger bag, $99.99; Let’s do this and standard issue planners, $16.99



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