Entertaining 101: Single Stems

Simple florals welcome new and familiar faces
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Because of the nature of deadlines and going to print, I am actually writing to you in April … smack in the middle of the social distancing life we are all — mostly all — living. Entertaining on a large scale, or even medium scale, is all but nonexistent.

It has always been my feeling that setting a table, even if just for yourself, is a great way to show love and care. Having a few flowers, a pressed napkin, maybe your best plates set on the table shows thoughtfulness and can bring much needed calm. Where we will be in June is unknown. Either way, whether we are welcoming people back in our homes to gather around our tables, or if we are looking across it at the same, lovely faces, here’s a simple idea to make it a little more special.


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Everything is in bloom … so single stems are an easy, accessible and creative way to make things bright and whimsical. I love picking wildflowers (even flowers that might be considered weeds) and putting them into a variety of vases. I find joy in snipping the leaf of a fern or cutting a prized peony or snapping off a geranium bloom and bringing it inside to enjoy. I’ve collected small vases and bottles over the years and a single stem is perfect for an unusual bottle or vase. The eclectic-ness of different sizes and shapes and even color add to the beauty. Cutting your flowers at various heights also is key.
During these times, whether it is the same ol’ same ol’ or slowly getting back to what we are used to, take time to make your table beautiful. And like your days, you can do this one bloom at a time.

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