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My Daily Media Diet

Erick Worrell is the co-founder and principal at Coin Creative, an agency specializing in copywriting and brand strategy.

Erick Worrell is the co-founder and principal at Coin Creative, an agency specializing in copywriting and brand strategy. Here, he dives in to make sure we’re following the right people, listening to the best music and being inspired by the right authors.

Where do you get your news first?

“Hey Google, play the news,” starts my sequence of NPR’s top-of-the-hour newscast, then the What a Day podcast, and if I have time left, The Daily podcast. I typically check in on the New York Times between meetings or throughout the day.

What app do you open first in the morning?

“Task Mode” me needs to be in a different headspace than “Creative Mode” me, so I need to get my head right before going into each day. Boring as it is, the first app I open each day is probably Outlook, to check meeting times, agendas, dress, etc.

What newsletter always gets clicked open?

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Their newsletter is well-written, engaging, tells great stories, has practical advice and isn’t afraid to stand up for science, or common sense, in a state whose leaders don’t typically embrace either.

What podcast do we need to be listening to?

The Bad Podcast. It’s an advertising and communications podcast that interviews some of the top creative minds in the business from across the globe. Don’t worry: They haven’t asked me to do it.

What social accounts should we be following?

@washapig on Twitter. This brand is actually a card game that draws a prompt each day and posts it, inviting creatives to chime in with their quick ideas. Always fun.

@AishaAnnHakim on Twitter is a fantastic creative in Austin who always has great insights, advice and an open door for questions.

@rga is an agency in New York that always has great content. On Twitter, it’s usually funny and interesting. On Instagram, it’s profane (but inspiringly so) advice.

@VikkiRossWrites on Twitter is a copywriter and creative consultant in London. Outstanding work and great insights.

@RorySutherland on Twitter is the vice chair for Ogilvy in the UK. He’s one of my favorite authors and a brilliant creative thinker.

What music should we add to our playlist right now?

Gang of  Youths is one of Australia’s biggest bands right now, playing stadium shows across the UK. Their new album “Angel in Realtime” just came out and it’s spectacular.

Lawrence is an unbelievably talented brother/sister group. The brother has this smooth Michael McDonald voice that’s just butter, and his sister is this absolute powerhouse vocalist. Insanely catchy tunes.

Lake Street Dive and The Lone Bellow aren’t new by any means, but most people haven’t heard of them. The former is one of the best pop/ jazz/R&B bands I’ve ever listened to, and the latter is an Americana trio with gut-wrenching harmonies and incredible writing.

And I’m always going to tell you to give John Mayer another shot. He’s one of the greatest living guitarists, and he’s an incredible songwriter.

What books are making you think?

I always go back to Junior by Thomas Kemeny. All the books on creativity tend to be written by senior people at the end of their creative journey – after they’ve already made it – but this one looks at being a junior creative from the eyes of someone making his way through the middle of the pack right now. Kemeny wrote a tremendous book that’ll make anyone a better writer. My go-to for anyone wanting to think more creatively, though – whether they’re in this business or not (creative thinking is always valuable regardless of your profession!) – is Alchemy by Rory Sutherland. It’s brilliant.

Is there any other media you consume that we’ve missed?

If you need comfort food on YouTube, I recommend Jelle’s Marble Runs and long video walking tours of cities around the world.

What role does media literacy play in business?

The same role it plays in life: We have to understand the context of the world around us, where we fit (or stand out) in our industries and with our audiences, and how best to draw a contrast that helps us be successful. Awareness of self can’t be achieved without awareness of others.

How do you ensure you remain media literate?

The key to great creativity, great leadership and informed decisions is the same: Surround yourself with eclectic, authentic, well-intentioned people who are diverse in their experiences, backgrounds, influences, sources and world views. Encourage their engagement, welcome their feedback and be willing to learn at every turn.