Es Muy Caliente!

On the fifth of May, 1862, the Battle of Puebla in Mexico saw the native Mexican forces defeat the occupying French army. It was a great rallying point for the Mexican people, and while it would be another five years before the French were sent packing for good, Mexican people remembered the fifth of May… now celebrated as Cinco de Mayo.

For all those showing solidarity with our neighbors to the south – or those who just like a good party – Cinco de Mayo stands as a prime point of revelry this month. And an excellent spot for raising a celebratory glass is Mama Roja, on the east wharf at Lake Hefner, which presents the Roja Shaker. This margarita is made with chile-infused blanco tequila, with cointreau and sweet and sour. Served in a shaker tin alongside a martini glass, it is garnished with two jalapeno-stuffed olives and an arbol chile. ¡Viva Mexico!

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