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Fashion Forecast

A conversation with Liberté boutique owner Danielle Keogh and store manager Eden Turrentine

A conversation with Liberté boutique owner Danielle Keogh and store manager Eden Turrentine

What’s new this fall?

Danielle: Plum/grape/merlot/port/mulberry, emerald, sapphire/navy, camel. Try pairing unexpected colors: navy with black, red with plum. Accent colors: peacock (think teal), dark silver/pewter, lime, fuchsia.
Eden: All those colors are part of the lineup, but I think a color that seems the most fresh this season is “oxblood.” Of course, the fashion world loves the drama of the name, but essentially it’s a deep, rich mixture of red and maroon. It would be the easiest choice to buy something to bring your wardrobe up-to-date. Oxblood marries well to all your neutrals. Also, ivory or cream, especially worn head-to-toe, is a big style statement in color.

Danielle: Luxe fabrics are all the rage. Think cashmere, leather and more technologically inventive fabrics that better fit a woman’s body.
Eden: As Danielle mentioned, luxury is key in textiles and fabrics. Try leather, either real or faux, or a “waxed” finish to imply leather. Cashmere is becoming an expected staple in a woman’s wardrobe. It’s no longer considered a very limited indulgence. It represents attainable luxury for everyone.

Danielle: Fit-and-flare dresses (with a full skirt) will continue to be in through Resort 2013 and possibly longer. Other inspirations will be Parisian, ski, military, transparent/sheer, metallic.
Eden: Full skirts are an easy addition to a closet full of sheath dresses and pencil skirts. It’s a definite attraction for a younger customer, but older fashion-conscious consumers might find it a little coquettish. Military continues but with a more architectural feel, and less epaulets and hardware than seen in the past. Think more “Officer/General,” less entry-level enlisted!

Danielle: Lace and leather details will be big. Specific designers to watch: Nha Khanh, Valentina Shah, Templerley London.
Eden: Lace, lace and more lace. If you think it’s not for you, rethink it in less fussy shapes. Lace can be refined without being overly fancy. Opt for a touch here or there, or go all out with head-to-toe dress.

Danielle: Unexpected details. For example, you may see a cashmere sweater with a sheer back, a deep open back or even menswear details like leather elbow patches.
Eden: Details persuade the average woman to buy one more sweater/jacket/dress. Pants with “panels” are hot, incorporating slices of different material down the outer leg area. Think of graphic sweaters with amusing novelty touches. Dresses with a bit of Asian influence emerge as “tribal” dies down. The shot of personality a great detail gives a basic item reinvents it. “Basics with tricks” is an industry phrase.

Will there be fall trends specific to Oklahoma or will we be in line with the national styles?

Danielle: Over the last several years, there’s been an increased presence of fashion in Oklahoma. Our fashion will be in line with national styles; however, we have more of a jean influence than other areas due to our western culture. Denim will be stronger than I’ve ever seen it. There will be new denim finishes, such as shimmery metallic, wax, leather and suede.
Eden: I think Oklahomans are very good at “weeding out” the superfluous. If it doesn’t work in our climate or our lifestyle, we might consider it but not participate in owning it. Fall always elicits an anticipation of newness for Oklahoma women. We long for the cool, brisk weather that gives us a chance to wear that new jacket/sweater/pant/jean. It’s time to take stock after a long, hot summer: think about how you want to attire yourself and what looks will inspire you in the months ahead. Oklahomans are hungry for all the fashion seen in the national media, but want it adaptable to our lifestyle. We travel more, see more and want more.

Any predictions about the trendy items that will mark this season?

Danielle: Fashion is evolving and you’ll continue to see trends lasting several seasons versus being applicable for just one. If I had to choose one thing, I would say a resurgence of ladylike fashions.
Eden: Feminine and ladylike while embracing luxury.

What trends are resurfacing from last year?

Danielle: Jewel tones.
Eden: Military, fur and metallics.

What are the classic fall fashion items that signal the end of summer fashion?

Eden: Boots always set my mind towards autumn. Blazers, darker, dressier denim and scarves also get a look ready to meet the next season.

What is the “must have” accessory?

Eden: Tights/stockings in rich oxblood or lace. Oxford-style shoes in heels or flats. Belts in every style and color.

Will jewelry be bold or minimal?

Danielle: Bold jewelry: gold, sophisticated, non-trendy.
Eden: Bold jewelry will rule for a truly luxurious look. Minimalism just won’t convey the same feeling. The style is to fill up necklines with opulence.

What style of bags will be popular?

Danielle: Lady bags – structured. And there is always a run on slouchier satchels because they are so great for every day. I’ve noticed that the bags appear smaller, so hopefully that will help all of our backs and shoulders!
Eden: “Box” bags keep popping up, which have that structured feel. Some are not so much ladylike but definitely have tailored shapes. I agree that bigger is not always better, and women will respond to the smaller bags if they can rethink what they really need to carry on a daily basis.

Will we see any past decade’s styles come back?

Eden: I would say less past-decade references and more “old world,” ladylike opulence and glamour.