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Favorite Things: 3B Home

At Edmond’s 3B Home, good taste in home decor and accessories is a family affair.


Sometimes the enjoyment of something can be the spark of something new. Rhonda Beck didn’t set out with a plan to have her own store, but she found joy in designing her own home. With a small start as a booth back in 2016, that idea has grown into a full-blown business – and a family business, at that. The trio of Rhonda and her daughters Shelby and Madison make up 3B Home, located at 15020 Bristol Park in Edmond.

With a combined vision to provide quality products, as well as good customer service, 3B is filled with beautiful inventory, and the environment is as friendly as the ownership. Rhonda says, “I think the most important aspect is being kind to everyone who walks through our doors. In our busy world, it’s sometimes easy to overlook customers and not give them the attention they need.” Personal attention to their customers as well as to the details of the shop is exactly what they do. If you venture into 3B Home, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for, and even more likely to enjoy the experience.


(clockwise from left)

“Color of Spring,” 40" x 60" framed art, $599 “Ready to hang and make your room pop with shades of blue, teal, green, purple and orange.” | Agate nightlight, $29 A nightlight accented with a slice of agate – available in green, purple, teal, blue and pink – framed in gold leaf. “This night light makes a great gift or personal purchase to accessorize any home.” | Sweetwater candle, premium soy blend hand-poured into recycled hand-blown glass, $42 “A true romanticized aquatic fragrance, this angelical fragrance offers white floral and citrus notes that rest on a base of light amber.”


(left to right)

 Marcela lidded boxes, $35 large or $25 small “For a contemporary small storage solution, the Marcela lidded boxes are the perfect choice. This set of two pieces will bring a new level of depth and interest into any style of home decor.” | Agate candle jar, $59 “This candle is filled by hand and formulated with the finest aromatic oil and wax blend to create a clean and fragrant burn. It is sure to impart the ambiance of nature’s sophistication to any room.”


(clockwise from top left)

Pearly white photo frame, $99 for 4" x 6" or $109 for 5" x 7" “This mother of pearl photo frame stands horizontally or vertically, and adds a calming, relaxed and natural aquatic feel to a room.” | Golden Celestial vase, $429 “Real gold is present in the reactive glaze of the Golden Celestial vase. The inverted bubbly texture enhances the light reflecting off the metallic glaze.” | 24-inch square pillow, $129 “Shades of blue and gray make this feather down pillow a great choice. Simple, yet sophisticated.”