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Favorite Things: Interior Gilt

Owner Jimmy Rupp discusses points of pride and favorite furnishings inside Uptown 23rd’s Interior Gilt.


Just crossing the threshold into Interior Gilt, opened along Uptown 23rd in June 2015, you know at once you’ve moved into someplace special. The people, led by owner and founder Jimmy Rupp, are all smiles and ready to help, and make you feel right at home … and ready to shop. It’s pretty much an instant feeling of “Oh, this is going to be fun!”

Jimmy is a firecracker of friendliness and expertise, and it shows in the store he has so carefully cultivated. In discussing his inspirations, he quickly turns to history.

“My family likes to travel quite a bit, and I take inspiration from our travels, as well as history. I have always heard that history repeats itself – in fact, as [Santayana and] Churchill said, ‘Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ I take a lot of inspiration from this philosophy. I think we should let our past help influence our design choices; whether that is family heirlooms, influences from previous decades or life experiences being represented in our homes.”

That philosophy couldn’t ring more true as you look around at the myriad choices of furnishing, textiles and accessories that fill Interior Gilt. It’s important to Jimmy that he have many styles represented for his customers, and it’s just that thoughtfulness and attention to detail that Mr. Rupp is “gilty” of.

(clockwise from left)

Natural Curiosities large format art, $2,985 “This company makes all its art by printing on hand-made parchment paper here in the U.S.A. Their prints have origin stories behind them, and their large-format ones add a striking element to any room.” // Agate-adorned box, $26 and agate coasters “Natural elements are something I think everyone should incorporate throughout their home, and agate items add that element in a glamorous way.” // Antique mahogany commode, $6,895 “My interior design roots go back to my mom’s antique store, so I am a firm believer in having vintage or antique pieces incorporated into every design.”


(clockwise from left)

Dunes and Duchess sconce, $812 “Everything from this company is a favorite of mine right now. They hand-make everything on the East Coast, and can custom color your piece to match your room’s palette perfectly.” // Wesley Hall swivel chair, $2,200 “This chair has two of my favorite things in one. Our Wesley Hall upholstery is done better than just about any company on the market, so you get an heirloom item when you buy one of their products. Additionally, I am a big fan of a swivel chair. They are so functional and fun, and I believe every house should have a pair!” // Joanna Gaines rugs by Loloi, $463 “As the only stop in OKC for Joanna’s rug line, we are obviously thrilled, but the care she took in creating her line is undeniable. All of the collections are gorgeous and can be used with so many styles.”


(clockwise from right)

Sarah Richardson throw, $112 “Sarah Richardson has inspired me and my design aesthetic for years, and I love that we carry her products here at Interior Gilt. I particularly love the throws and baby bedding.” // Paladin Footstool in Kate Spade fabric, $448 “I love how Kate Spade is typically known for fashion items, but now you can have her fabrics incorporated in your home through upholstery.” // Brass cage pendant, $825 “Overhead lighting is the crowning piece of every room, so finding something unique is important; so many options are available that I feel special orders are a must. I love how versatile this pendant is, and the large scale makes a dramatic statement.”