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Favorite Things: PostScript

Find pretty stationery and pleasant surprises at Campus Corner boutique PostScript.


After opening the now-beloved bakery and coffee shop Crimson & Whipped Cream, owner Ashleigh Barnett decided to take over the vacant space next door at 329 White, not exactly sure what the future would hold. Having had some success selling cards alongside her bakery’s most delicious whoopie pies, cupcakes and cookies (just to name a few), she decided to tap into her love of snail mail, pens, planners, etc.

On July 24, 2015, PostScript was added to Norman’s Campus Corner landscape. It is nothing short of charming. The two work in tandem so well that it seems now as though one could not exist without the other. Grabbing a latte with a friend and then perusing this gem of a store for the perfect card, a delectable scented candle or a unique children’s book is definitely time well spent.

The fresh mint-colored walls give a perfect backdrop to the “whimsical, empowering and snarky at times” products of the shop. Everything about PostScript is chosen for a reason. “I really strive to create a variety of emotional responses in the shop,” says Barnett, although the overwhelming response is a smile. Whether it is something beautiful or funny, each well-placed item just makes you feel good.

When asked about her location, Barnett says, “I love the walkable area of Campus Corner, and the full experience of dining, shopping and entertainment that customers can have here. I love doing business in Norman because of the diversity created by the University.”

(clockwise from top left)

Congrats Bey! card from By Ms James, $5: “Probably the best card of the year.” // Nintendo Famicon card from The Little Red House, $4: “I want to frame all of Aggie’s cards. I played so much Nintendo growing up, so this card speaks to me.” //  Venus flat notes set from Fox & Fallow, $18: “One of my favorite recent additions to PostScript is Fox & Fallow from Australia. I love their botanical designs.”

(left to right)

Small Victories, $35: “One of the most highly anticipated cookbooks of 2016. I’m a huge fan of Julia Turshen on social media. She has co-authored many cookbooks, so it was exciting when her very own cookbook came out.” // Interstellar Cinderella, $16.99: “Such a great interpretation of a classic story. This Cinderella helps repair the prince’s rocket ship. I love the art style; it has a graphic novel feel to it.”

(clockwise from left)

Americano candle from Good Candle, $29: “Even though I own a coffee shop, I never tire of the smell of coffee. Americano is my favorite scent from Good Candles, which are hand-poured in Brooklyn. They even have a delivery bike for local stockists – I’m so jealous.” // Marie Curie pint glass from Cognitive Surplus, $15: “I actually ordered these scientist pint glasses because my boyfriend, Alex, loves Curie and craft beer.” // Erlenmeyer flask wax seal kit from Cognitive Surplus, $29.95: “Science was my favorite subject growing up, and Cognitive Surplus appeals to the science nerd in everyone. Snail mail and science; even better!”