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Favorite Things: Sara Kate Studios

Owner Sara Kate Little showcases some of her favorite treasures in her namesake store.


Different things appeal to different people for a variety of reasons, but when something truly stands out, it’s worth sharing.

This is a forum for vendors, retailers and boutique owners around the 405 to showcase elements of their inventory they really like and why – think of it as accounting for taste.

This month, Sara Kate Little, owner of the eclectic treasure trove for home decor Sara Kate Studios in Automobile Alley, shares some of her favorite things.

The Travel Almanac, $18

“One of my favorite publications that is focused on traveling –
not just the traditional notion of physical travel, but the ways
in which movement and location permeate all aspects
of contemporary life.”

Pursuits of Happiness Ring Dish, $30

“This photographer who hails from Oregon needed an outlet and turned to ceramics. Her pieces have beautiful imperfections
and movement. I love that you can tell they were made
by hand with care.”

Eliza Gran Pom-Pom Basket, $87

“Handmade in Venice Beach, California, these baskets have developed a bit of a cult following, and it’s not hard to see why. They are perfect for all sorts of odds-and-ends and are more stylish than your regular sisal basket.”

Tilly and Tinka Pouches, $35-$45

“Handmade right here in Oklahoma City by Louise Dean,
these pouches are perfect for just about anything.
A perfect little gift with a tassel? Yes, please!”

Marvis Toothpaste, $10.50

“I have been using this toothpaste for years because it is the perfect mint flavor and it just looks so good sitting by the sink.”

Malin + Goetz Otto Candle, Votive $16, Candle $52

“My favorite candle for the past few years. Top notes of grapefruit and cardamom, a heart of rose and geranium and a base
of oakmoss and vetiver create a complex fragrance
that is both beautiful and modern.”

SKS + Louise Dean “Lora” and “Josephine” Pillows, $120

“Bonding over a mutual love of textiles, vintage touches and color, Louise Dean and I dreamed up this collaboration. The brushstrokes and imperfections are evident in every part of the fabric,
which creates a unique and personal touch.”

Vintage Ethnic Rugs, $400-$3,600

“I have an absolute weakness for vintage hand-woven rugs –
these babies have been scoured for all over the globe
and have the best character and coloring.”

Turkish Towels, $25

“My go-to gift, these organic cotton Turkish towels
are hard-working and a lovely addition to any space.”

Note To Self Striped Shirt Print, $20

“My talented and stylish friend Sarah Tolzmann does creative direction for Ralph Lauren by day, and freelance graphic design
by night. She sketched up some lovely little prints for the shop
that are all of my favorite things. A perfect little modern print
to hang on the wall next to that flea market painting.”


►About Sara Kate

Travel plays a large role in inspiring the Sara Kate Studios collection: “We love the unusual and the storied,” says Little, “pieces that harken back to another time, items that say, ‘I’ve had a little adventure.’” That spirit has been part of the OKC native’s life for years – a love for antiques began back in high school, and in college she left one of her business courses (mid-lecture, mind you) and then went to Italy. She remembers, “I was inspired by the contrast to our American idea of disposability, and fell in love with a dealer at the local flea market who referred to pieces as ‘heirlooms from a stranger.’ It made me want to create an outlet for myself in Oklahoma City that focused on the one-of-a-kind and unusual with an emphasis on antiques and handcrafted wares.” She’s done just that.