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Favorite Things: Wright’s Floral Market

Wright’s Floral Market in Norman offers a bouquet of fresh possibilities in home décor.


Who wouldn’t agree that flowers can lift the soul, change your mood and add beauty to your life? It’s no wonder that people love going to Wright’s Flower Market for just those reasons. It is, however, a little surprising how it came to be what it is today.

Lori Wright has created something special there … but it wasn’t by design. As Lori tells it, back in 2000 her husband called and told her the floral designer of the family’s grocery store, Wright’s Family Market, had quit with no notice and he needed her to take over. She did. With her love of gardening, flowers and party planning – and their recent status change to being empty nesters – it’s obvious now what a great idea that really was.

In 2014, the original family grocery store was renovated and a new space created for Wright’s Floral Market. “I love the outdoors, and so I really want you to feel like you’ve just stepped into a garden when you come in. Fresh flowers, plants, herbs – they just make you happy,” says Lori.

Truly, that is exactly what happens. If you aren’t overwhelmed, in a good way, by the beauty of the fresh flowers and plants and carefully chosen merchandise, the fragrance will probably get you.

As a full service flower shop, Lori and three part-time employees aim to please. “We each have our own style, and I think we complement each other well,” she smiles. “I like that each arrangement we create is unique for that customer.” With items such as pottery and hand-painted cards as well as locally grown bouquets and plants, Wright’s is focused on not only the affordable but the unique. It seems natural that you feel joy when you enter, as the beauty together with Lori’s kindness and generosity makes a perfect trio.

(clockwise from top)

Potted succulents, $8 “These can be purchased individually, or you can choose an assortment, and we are happy to make a succulent garden for you to take home.” // Rural pot by Accent Decor, $49 – “Perfect for dressing up a beautiful plant” – and azalea, $28 – “Mann’s Greenhouse located in McAlester, Oklahoma, delivers beautiful potted plants every Tuesday.” // Bear Creek Farms bouquet, $10 “Grown in Stillwater, Bear Creek Farms delivers fresh bouquets every Monday and Wednesday. [They’re] a customer favorite because they are different every week.”

(clockwise from left)

Bridgewater candles, $16 “Made in South Carolina, these are clean-burning candles; Bridgewater partners with Rice Bowls and donates a portion of every candle sold to different orphanages internationally. Every candle purchased feeds a child for a day.” Chicken wire vase, $25 “Designed by Park Hill, this versatile vase can be filled with hydrangeas, sunflowers or Christmas greens – depending on the season.” // Chalkboard tags, $4 “Add them to a flower arrangement and write a quick note on them, or hang them on a serving bowl or drink stand to help your guests know what you’re serving.”

(clockwise from top left)

Assorted handmade pottery, prices vary “One-of-a-kind bowls, mugs and trays that can be used for potting plants or unique flower arrangements … or a gift all by themselves. [They’re] created by local artist Jenny Wilson, and special orders can be taken.” // Niven Morgan hand cream, $28 Of the Dallas-based fragrance designer, Wright says, “We carry his bath products, as well as his candle line.” // Sunflower card, $10 “Hand-painted by our own floral designer, Monica Owen, each card is unique and individually designed.”