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Festive Fire Pits

Autumn is coming – and one of these stylish fire pits could be perfect as your outdoor space’s center of attention.


While we might not be able to go right from the dog days of August to “cold,” “coolish” will do just fine. Summers here in Oklahoma can be punishing, and since we’ve spent the recent days either holed up with the air on high, or literally in the water, no one is likely to argue that a cooler breeze is well deserved. Before things start to get too cold, though, it’s time to enjoy the living outside on the deck, back porch or patio.

While you might not quite need the warmth of a fire pit yet, it’s hard to resist gathering around the flames after the sun goes down. If you are just catching up on the day, roasting up some marshmallows for dessert or enjoying a cool drink, this is the place to do it. The centerpiece of the outdoor room should make a statement, and any one of these will do the trick with style.

(pictured above) Urth (33.5” round) by Brown Jordan, from Swanson’s Fireplace & Patio

Solstice (40” square) by Brown Jordan, from Swanson’s Fireplace & Patio

(top) OW Lee 42” round Vulsini, from Swanson’s Fireplace & Patio, OKC
bottom) California Outdoor Concepts 42” Solano table with travertine top, from Country Leisure

California Outdoor Concepts LaPaz Waterfall, from Country Leisure, OKC