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Filled With Resolve

Are you big on making New Year’s resolutions?

Are you big on making New Year’s resolutions? Clearing a blank slate? Turning over a new leaf? I will admit that I am not. I often think about it, usually sometime in late (late late!) December – around the same time I am waiting in some line for the newest Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movie –  and feel like I should resolve something in honor of the new year … yet somehow I never quite get around to it. Hmmm, perhaps punctuality – like remembering to make a resolution promptly – might be something to consider for 2014?

I recall back when I was a regular at my gym, smirking at the overly full parking lot on January 2 and thinking to myself, “Pffffffftttt. Resolutionists. Hope I can get an elliptical.” But by February 15 I could have parked a Hummer limo anywhere I wanted in that lot. (FYI, I haven’t darkened the door at a gym in years. Who has had the last laugh now?) I guess New Year’s resolutions just aren’t for me … or a lot of people who briefly went to my gym.

If you happen to be one of those hardy souls who does resolve to better yourself in some way this year, let me be the first to say: I salute you and wish you every success. I will plan on following the lead of our Exchange guest, Bill Pink, (page 29) by making my resolutions short, sweet and to the point at any time during the year.

One thing I hope you do resolve to do is to vote in our annual Best of the City poll – go vote at There are great prizes you can win just for voting, so you should spend a few minutes with our survey and help determine the best of the best in the metro. And since Slice employees are not eligible to win, I guess there is no need for me to add this one to my potential resolution list. Sounds like a win-win!

Also in this issue, we’ve put together a special wedding guide to help all the holiday season’s newly-engaged couples plan their big day. One of my favorite assignments in recent months was going along on the photo shoot to showcase the “town and country” wedding looks at Harn Homestead and the state Capitol. There is something about a woman in a bridal gown that sparks feelings of such hope and joy in the future – like the new year, a wedding is a poignant beginning to a great story.
May your New Year be everything you would wish it to be.