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Finding Factory Obscura’s Future

Solve mystery to locate new BEYOND exhibition


The team behind OKC’s first immersive art experience will open a new exhibition this fall – but finding it means solving a series of social media clues.

Factory Obscura’s first exhibition SHIFT was displayed at Current Studio for three months, attracting more than 20,000 visitors.

The artist collective’s latest creation – titled BEYOND – will, according to co-founder and artist Kelsey Karper, take visitors “through the known, into the unknown, and on a mysterious journey into what lies beyond.”

In keeping with the mystery, the location of BEYOND will not be revealed immediately; instead, fans will be asked to guess where it is via a series of clues on social media. Factory Obscura co-founder Laura Massenat adds, “At this point, we plan to submit a mural design to the arts commission (over the next two months). As soon as we can begin painting, we will be putting out clues and detail photos of the mural, to get people out in the city looking for BEYOND.”

Clues will be posted on Factory Obscura’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Massenat, who is also owner of Elemental Coffee Roasters, says the big reveal will happen “when our fans discover the location,” adding the display will run until November.

A team of 15 artists and many community volunteers, who all helped to raise just over $50,000 to support the exhibition, created SHIFT. It was Factory Obscura’s first installation, leading toward a future permanent location in the city.

BEYOND, which involves a team of 26 artists, covers four different experiences, with single tickets available to each experience and passes to cover all. Tickets and passes will go on sale in September, with a special preview opening event on Sept. 21 … somewhere.

For more information and investment opportunities in BEYOND, click here.


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