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Forward Momentum

I experience most life change during the summer months.

I experience most life change during the summer months. And this year was no different: I both moved into a new house, and embraced a new career path by becoming the editor-in-chief at Slice. But here we are at summer’s end, and the transformation is still flourishing.

Whether running to a yoga class, cycling the streets of Oklahoma City or attending an event downtown, I see the landscape growing and changing for the better. And as I step into this new role, I’m excited to be a part of the alterations taking shape in this award-winning magazine.

Of course, with major life adjustments come not only new beginnings, but also necessary endings. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 20-some-year journalism career, but must admit that being back in the print media/magazine world is much like coming home. And after working from a home office for the past two years – during which time I often was accused of spending my days in fuzzy slippers – I’m thrilled to be back in heels.

From a seasonal perspective, spring showers (or floods in our case) lead to sweltering summers, which eventually turn to cooler temperatures that necessitate the modification of ensembles, shoes and accessories.

Yes, fall fashion is upon us, and while I personally am no fashionista, this issue is full of inspiration, with exceptional wardrobe possibilities from retailers who are in the know when it comes to styling for the seasonal switch (see our “Visions of Beauty” feature on page 48).

As the new girl in the Slice House on Film Row, I am grateful to work with a team of talented individuals who bring so much to what is evolving into a more provocative and engaging city and lifestyle magazine – one that defines what it means to live in the 405. You’ll see some names throughout the publication that are familiar yet new to Slice, but have no fear: The writers and photographers you’ve come to follow over the years for solid story-telling, news writing and stunning visual images will continue to provide exceptional content about the developing community we all share. Stay tuned …