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From the Desk of…

A stylish, functional desk can become the regal, sleek or quirky star of the room.


The Einstein quote says, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” His cheeky implication is clear, but perhaps even worse, what if you have no desk at all? While the desk is not considered an essential in comparison to seating or dining room tables, don’t we all need somewhere to write letters or pay bills?

Some say, “I don’t need a desk, and with my laptop I can pay bills, answer emails and do a little online shopping while watching Netflix right from my bed.” However, bear in mind that furniture makers have really outdone themselves in the evolution of the venerable desk. Not only are they a little bit of eye candy for a room, maybe they will help us move that laptop to a hard surface, and focus a little more on what we are doing. Empty or cluttered, all of these are good choices.



Brentwood G by Worlds Away, $2,025, from Interior Gilt | Cordelia in orange by Worlds Away, $2,547, from Interior Gilt, OKC

(top to bottom)

Blue-grey writing desk, $1,595, from Mister Robert, Norman | Wood and iron “Game of Thrones” desk, $3,300, from Mister Robert | Walnut and metal Mid-Century desk, $1,317, from Mister Robert


Thomas by Worlds Away, $3,339, from Interior Gilt | Vanessa by Worlds Away, $2,508, from Interior Gilt