From the Editors

Mia Blake, Editor-in-Chief and Sara Gae Waters Editor-at-Large | Stylist

One of our favorite parts of putting together this magazine is stepping into the spaces that will be featured within the pages. Seeing the myriad ways people surround themselves with comfort and style never fails to amaze and encourage us, and we are filled with a renewed sense of purpose. Making a place to feel like home is one of the most fulfilling aspects of life, and we hope by taking you inside these residences you feel the same creative stirrings.

We appreciate good design in its many forms, from modern and minimalist to traditionally opulent, and take something away from each encounter. Even in a location completely outside the realm of our known comfort zones, we find inspiration. Such is the case with the McCullock family’s abode, a vintage aluminum camper on a picturesque parcel of land just outside of the metro. It is hard to conceive of living in such a small footprint, let alone happily relishing the change, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to thinking about cleaning out our closets and purging all the clutter from our garages and our lives after our visit there. A simplified existence holds an undeniable appeal in today’s hectic world.

Another serene location is captured in the renovated 1930s traditional home of Jana and David Herritt. Jana’s impeccable taste in furnishings and design is evident in every square inch. It is at once comfortable and welcoming without sacrificing grand style.

Shyon Keoppel has nearly single-handedly accomplished the creation of a unique construction that anyone would gladly occupy. With an open concept first floor, stunning outdoor living and modern finishes throughout, it is a feast for the eyes.

Speaking of a feast, Rachel and Simon Shingleton’s house is just that, with a full helping of color. It’s no wonder: Rachel has designed her surroundings to reflect her talent and work as a stationery and product designer. Already incredibly colorful as an everyday rule, we got a special treat by seeing it during the holidays when the home was nothing less than a confection.

In addition to these beautiful living spaces, we’ve also gathered together our recommendations for books to read, parties to throw and baubles and bits to add the perfect touch to your home. Thanks for allowing us to inspire you!

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