Gear for the Brew Believer

Equipment for heeding the call of coffee
From Plenty Mercantile (left to right) Flatlander Coffee Co. beans, $19.99; Coffee grinder, $34.99; Chemex coffee maker, $46.99; CoffeeSock filter, $13.99; Reusable glass cup, $27


Are you a believer? In coffee? Usually, you’re either in or out; not many people are in between on the subject. If you’re really into it, or just starting to expand your knowledge, it’s deliciously easy to get lost in the many options of how to go about getting your fix: cold brew, pour over, press or drip? Then there are seemingly endless possibilities in filters, appliances for grinding your own coffee and mugs … oh, so many mugs. Here’s a little starter pack of some items you can acquire to maybe try something new, or to help feed that obsession.


From Blue Seven (left to right) Vintage inspired drip coffeepot, $75.99; BREW: Better Coffee at Home book, $24.99; Cold brew mason jar filter, $39.99; “The adventure begins” coffee mug, $14.97


From Culinary Kitchen Simax coffee press, $28; Insulated coffee mug, $29.99; Striped coffee mug, $7.50



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