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Get Wrapped up in Fashion

A selection of cozy throws and blankets to ward off winter’s chill in style.


Finally: blanket weather. We may not be shivering yet, but here in the 405 as soon as you get an excuse to snuggle up on the couch with a good book or great movie, you take it.

The perfect throw or blanket not only satisfies the need for warmth, but easily can be a stylish accessory for the home. Draped across the end of your bed or over the shoulder of a couch, the right one can add a nice detail or a subtle neutral tone to balance the room. Comfort and texture count for extra points, as well, and this stack of beauties offers both.


(From top to bottom)

Watercolor throw by loloi from Room 22, OKC, $99 // Diagonal taupe stripe throw from Emory Anne Interiors, Edmond, $99 // Pine Cone Hill tan fleece throw from Room 22, $110 // Maine Woolens tan and creme chevron throw from Emory Anne Interiors, $84 // Maine Woolens creme throw from Emory Anne Interiors, $108 // Elsa ivory knit throw by The Company Store from Emory Anne Interiors, $170