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Gifts That Say It With Flowers

Let your sentiment blossom with these beautifully floral-themed presents of all descriptions.

Around here, it’s no secret that flowers are kind of a problem for me … especially the fresh ones. I love them. Obsess over them. Buy them and things that remind me of them … a lot. Neighbors know me all too well,
and once spring hits and the cherry blossoms pop, it can be hard to control myself. Some of those same neighbors and friends may have even contemplated installing surveillance cameras just to make sure their
peonies stay right there in the flowerbeds where they belong and not in one of my vases!

May is a great time to turn to Mother Nature during the celebrations of spring weddings and Mother’s Day. If fresh flowers are not your forte, look for inspiration with a floral pattern, floral scent or even a floral named product. I’m sure you have a lot to say to the women in your life, whether it’s your mom, sister, best friend or wife … so why not say it with flowers?

Field of flowers hostess tray
by Juliska from Tulips in Norman

Personalized floral stationery by Bella Ink Designs,
Paper ’N More in Oklahoma City

Vintage handkerchief from Lovely Farm
from The Social Club in Norman

Vintage Uzbek Suzani tablecloths from Sara Kate Studios

Linen guest towels by Bella Notte from Tulips

Spring Flower Eau de Parfum by Millesime
from Balliets in Oklahoma City

Laura Mercier “Wildflower” lip glace from Balliets

Coral flower pin/clip by Ban.dō from The Social Club

Potted ranunculus from Wright’s Flower Market in Norman

“Backwards in High Heels: The Impossible Art of Being Female” book from Anthropologie in Oklahoma City

Painted flower pumps by Miu Miu from Balliets

Floral petal necklace from Anthropologie