Global Market

Lotus clay serving plate with crackle glaze from Vietnam, $41.25; family love soapstone statue from Kenya, $34.50; Blue true treasure box from Peru, $19.50

Worldfest, the annual event benefiting Oklahoma-based World Neighbors, is a shopping mecca with thousands of hand-crafted, fair-trade products that will give you a leg up on that coming-sooner-than-you-know-it holiday gift gathering.

(l to r) Carved and painted gourd box from Peru, $29  |  Carved monkey wood pod bowl from Thailand, $47.25  |  Painted jewel box from Indonesia, $24.95

Raw silk purse from Bangladesh, $37.95; reed and silk shoulder bag from Cambodia, $34.95

(l to r) Robin’s egg necklace from Kenya, $49; brass and bone bangles from India, $6 each, multi-color wide bracelet from India, $12  |  Hammered brass leaf on 15" gold chain from Kenya, $22  |  Shaped and hammered brass charms on 34" chain from Kenya, $39.75

(l to r) Woven birdhouse from Bangladesh, $12  |  Serving tray from Indonesia, $24.95

Batik mood lamp from Indonesia, $58.25

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