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Good Taste: Fisherman’s Stew at Rococo

Rococo specializes in East Coast Style, which means seafood and plenty of it, especially in this savory-and-spicy dish.


Chef Bruce Rinehart of Rococo Restaurant and Fine Wine has spent more than a decade bringing “East Coast Style” cuisine to OKC, which means a focus on fresh seafood that carries with it certain tasty benefits for us landlubbers.

For example, you probably don’t spend a great deal of your time hauling a delicious bounty out of the sea, but you can still eat like a fisherman … one with excellent taste, anyway. The Rhode Island Fisherman’s Stew is described on the menu as “all the beautiful things we do with seafood served in one dish,” and they’re not kidding.

The bowl is heaped with mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and tidbits of sole, plus half a lobster tail and Andouille sausage to round it out, all swimming in a savory Andouille broth.

It’s a succulent, savory commingling of flavors with a little bit of a spicy kick; it’s no wonder Rinehart considers this stew a specialty of the house. Give it a try, and get hooked.