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Good Taste: Ingrid’s

A few words in appreciation of the varied baked goods and reliably great German cooking at Ingrid’s.


Hearty, rich, savory, robust, delicious … whatever adjective is your go-to descriptor for German food, you’ll be using it a lot on a visit to Ingrid’s, 3701 N Youngs in OKC – and then some.

The out-of-the-way café’s Deutsche specialties are extremely good – Debbi Johnson and Maggie Miner are happy to serve up sausages from Seigi’s in Tulsa that are bursting with flavor, tender breaded veal schnitzel and sterling examples of traditional sides such as red cabbage, sauerkraut and German potato salad. But that’s only the beginning, and the best idea is to try more than just the wurst.

Ingrid’s is also home to some very well-executed breakfasts and a Sunday brunch buffet, plus the baked goods that come out of its kitchens are among the very best in the city. Simple pleasures such as thumbprint cookies to more fanciful creations in the vein of a cream puff’s delicate pastry filled with raspberry mousse, white and dark chocolate and almonds, their inescapably appealing appearance and aroma makes it surprisingly difficult to place an order at the counter without adding, “Give me one of those too, please. And one of those. And those.”

With all these tasty temptations in combination, it’s not hard to see how Ingrid’s has been an OKC favorite for 40 years. After all, die Klassiken never go out of style.