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Good Taste: Kitchen 324

With a constantly evolving menu filled with flavorful treats, Kitchen 324 is more than worth navigating downtown construction


Road construction has been practically a constant for the last several years around downtown OKC – and while it can make navigating the city center a bit more problematic, it’s ultimately a good thing to have streets in good repair. Just be patient, leave a little extra travel time … and don’t neglect to visit locally owned restaurants such as Kitchen 324, 324 N Robinson, to enjoy their distinctive pleasures.

Case in point: The cauliflower steak is not, as it might sound, a slab of beef served with a heap of white veggies, a la pepper steak. Instead, it’s all vegetable – a thick, horizontal slice from a head of cauliflower, seared on both sides for a surprisingly filling entree all by itself. Well, not “all,” given that the kale gremolata (like an Italian chimichurri) and side of scarlet quinoa including cranberries, sweet potatoes and apples also are must-tries.

We also recommend – wait for it – the burger and fries. That might sound anticlimactic, but Kitchen regulars should realize that the restaurant has never offered either before. If they were waiting to perfect a recipe, it seems to have worked, because both are uncomplicatedly great. Especially thanks to the former’s bacon-onion jam and the spicy mayo that goes very well on either. You can get ketchup anywhere; dip your fries in this.

Regardless of how long it may yet take to get the streets outside in shape, Kitchen 324 remains a prime, pristine place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s worth finding your way here.