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Good Taste: Lottinvilles

Edmond restaurant Lottinvilles plays to its delicious strengths by harnessing both rotisserie and wood grill.


One of the most widely touted truisms of the restaurant industry is its high turnover rate – different people cite different statistics, but the plain fact is that many of them close fairly quickly. Striking a chord with diners is crucial for success, and considering that Lottinvilles in Edmond is on track to turn old enough to vote this summer, they must be doing something right.

While the menu is fairly broad and they put on an impressive brunch buffet, they’re really best known for their rotisserie and wood-burning grill. This makes it easy to recommend the Rotisserie Pork Chop – what you might think of as the best of both worlds. The thick slab of protein spends the night before soaking in a special brine, takes a few laps on the rotisserie until it’s cooked through and then (as you can see from the sear marks) finishes up on the grill. Set it off with sweet potatoes and a shallot spinach salad, and be sure to try the sauce, which is an oyster-laced brew cooked down into a thick, slightly sweet and spicy glaze.

Djuan Simmons will be more than happy to serve one up for you – and if he recommends the Queso Fondito as an appetizer, listen to him. Its creamy mixture of chorizo, mushrooms, jalapeños, onions, tomatoes and pepper jack fired with tequila is one more good reason to keep coming back.