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Good Taste: The Heat

One of the metro’s finest pizzerias, The Heat takes deep-dish goodness to delicious new heights.


Every so often, I hear about a friend of a friend who “doesn’t eat pizza,” and even in this age of self-imposed dietary restrictions, I always find myself thinking, “What? How? That poor person!” Pizza is simply among the best things humanity has done with its time on Earth – and understanding that explains why I’m so enthusiastic about The Heat.

Matthew and Joyanne Heard’s pizza emporium at 1319 S Broadway in Edmond is home to the deepest-dish goodness you’ll find in central Oklahoma, Chicago-style collections of tasty ingredients filling a buttery, flaky crust and topped with homemade sauce. There’s a half-hour wait involved, but it’s so worth it; tide yourself over with seasoned pretzels, and remember to try the hand-tossed crust next time. It’s less distinctive, but both are excellent.

Four years ago, I was part of a panel that selected Humble Pie as the very best pizza in the OKC metro. Their name has changed, the restaurant scene has evolved and grown considerably … but I wouldn’t change my vote a bit. If you haven’t gone deep at The Heat, head up to Edmond ASAP. You’re in for a serious treat.