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Good Taste: The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar happily capitalizes on the medium’s potential for creativity; diners are invited to embark on a tasty treasure hunt.


As a concept, sushi is pretty broad – the term can technically apply to any combination of ingredients that includes sushi rice, and Americans even tend to lump the rice-less raw fish of sashimi into the same category.

Regardless of your degree of orthodoxy, there’s a whole enormous world of delicious, eye-catching possibilities beyond the humble California roll. And if you’re interested in beginning to explore that world, The Sushi Bar is waiting to act as your travel agent.

Consider this bounty whipped up by executive chef and owner Andy Lau: In his left hand, the Sashimi Sampler combines tender slices of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, albacore, escolar and octopus, with lemon, cucumber, a ginger rose and a wasabi leaf. The Citrus Snapper, in his right, adds tang to its titular fish with pickled cucumber, orange segments, ponzu sauce and chopped oba leaves. And on the bar rests Pandora’s Box (which you won’t find on the menu), a roll of seafood mix, spicy tuna, cucumber, avocado and atomic sauce topped with tuna, salmon and tobiko, surrounding a central hoard of spicy tuna chunks, crab, lemon zest and flakes of gold. It is, in multiple respects, dazzling.

The Sushi Bar has locations in Edmond (NW 178th) and OKC (on Memorial) – bon voyage.