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Good Taste: Vito’s Shrimp Spedini

Finding the little Italian restaurant brings a big reward in flavorful family recipes like this.


Visitors to Vito’s Ristorante (once they find it tucked into a little shopping center along N May) know that whatever they order will probably be delicious, but even among the menu’s assortment of riches it’s hard to pass up owner/chef Cathy Cummings’ Shrimp Spedini ($26.89). Its shrimp are coated in Cathy's Italian-seasoned bread crumbs and grilled, then laid atop sacchettini pasta tossed in a savory red pepper cream sauce. The house focaccia bread is made fresh every day and served with extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic.

Vito’s is named for Cathy’s uncle and founded on her delectable culinary heritage that stretches back over generations. Everybody who walks in is considered practically a relative, which is fortunate; because when family recipes are this good, it’s practically a public service to share them with as many people as possible.