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Graze OKC brings charcuterie boards to metro

Looking for a way to spice up your catering skills?

Looking for a way to spice up your catering skills?

Jillian Ramick has got you covered, as her charcuterie boards are the main feature of her business Graze OKC. Beginning in 2020 after hosting events for family and friends, Ramick discovered the obsession behind the intricate meat and cheese plates.

“I had seen some images of these massive tables of food and thought, ‘I bet I could do that,’” Ramick said. “I have always loved hosting and feeding people – honestly, I think it’s my love language. With love for entertaining and a passion for food, my husband and I launched Graze OKC in 2020. We were the first charcuterie company in OKC at that time, which gave us a great opportunity to show the 405 what charcuterie is all about.”

She said she has an eye for dining presentation, and she focuses on reshaping the narrative around party food.

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“I’ve always said that our tables are art,” Ramick said. “We take the ‘medium’ and create a piece that becomes the focus of your event. When you book Graze OKC, you’re not just paying for food – you’re paying for a statement piece. Every time people see our tables in person, we get a multitude of reactions and lots of people wanting to jump right in. I know that hosts feel even more confident in the experience they’re providing for their guests when we are part of their event, and that’s a really cool role to play.”

Beginning as a side-hustle with her husband Clayton Ramick, Graze OKC was named as a top-five finalist in 405 Magazine, showcasing how the couple’s hard work and creativity rightfully stole the spotlight.

“’Slinging meat and cheese,’ as we say, is something we both get to do for fun,” Ramick said. “We get to be a part of so many wonderful celebrations, big and small, and we’re just so grateful for that opportunity. It’s a passion project that brings us both so much joy and allows us to work together. Other companies do this full time, but we’re here, grinding it out after hours and on the weekend to bring charcuterie to our community. Thank you, OKC, for allowing us to celebrate alongside you for the past two years! We’re looking forward to many more.”