Greenery Under Glass in Terrariums


One Of The Easiest Ways To Bring The Outside Into Your Home Is Through A Mini Garden Called A Terrarium.

These popular containers are officially made with a sealed transparent globe or similar container with live plants to create a small ecosystem, but the definition can be relaxed to include open containers or even “aeriums,” as Tiffany Mahan from The Garden Gnome Bonsai affectionately calls some of her creations.

From air plants and crystals to mini ferns and overflowing ivy, there are lots of whimsical combinations to keep fresh green plants alive and well even throughout the lowering of temperatures that accompanies the change of seasons.

Left: (front) Geode and air plant from The Garden Gnome Bonsai in Oklahoma City // Hanging terrarium from Wright’s Floral Market in Norman | (back) Aerium with air plant and tiny mushrooms from The Garden Gnome Bonsai // Large open terrarium from Wright’s Floral Market.

Right: Aerium from The Garden Gnome Bonsai // Wooden base terrarium from The Garden Gnome Bonsai // Open terrarium with ivy from Wright’s Floral Market.


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