GRINMORE Brings Streetwear to Plaza District

Fred and Danielle Preston’s new boutique makes hard-to-find fashion more accessible
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Finding limited-edition streetwear clothing and sneakers in Oklahoma City used to be a difficult task, but GRINMORE, which opened June 5th is set to change that. Located at 1706 NW 16th Street in Plaza District, the boutique offers high-end products and apparel that Fred Preston, President of GRINMORE, are made up of “streetwear and sneaker brands that you can’t find anywhere else in Oklahoma City. [They] sell out instantly online.” 

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In the store, bright and bold colors mix with the comfort of streetwear, creating a high-energy platform for complex and new fashion. Growing up, Preston was influenced by his father who owned a screen printing company, which inspired him to become an entrepreneur himself. Despite already offering unique clothing and shoes, Preston says it goes beyond a typical shopping experience. Making a point to highlight the communal aspect of GRINMORE, he said, “We’re focused on creating a space where the people in our community can not only shop, but feel welcomed to come and relax, talk about music, sports, or whatever else is happening.” 

Fred Preston’s dream unfurled at a young age during basketball. He recalls a saying that lit the fire beneath him: “If you look good, you feel good, you play good.” Preston’s passion for sneakers developed on the hardwood, and the same amount of sweat and dedication that it takes to succeed in basketball can be found in GRINMORE. And also like basketball, it takes a team to achieve a goal. 

Danielle Preston, wife of Fred Preston, immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica when she was fourteen years old. Her husband described her as “the epitome of that small town girl with big dreams and aspirations.” The Prestons’ work ethic and creative minds were unstoppable in the development of the high-end streetwear shop that is GRINMORE. With its Plaza District setting, GRINMORE is hard to miss, and even harder to keep your money from spending itself.

Fred Preston puts it best: “When you think of fashion, you don’t think of Oklahoma. I want to help change that.” // Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @grinmorestore 


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