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Happy Feet

Sure, leather boots are still in style for manly footwear, but this time of year many Oklahoma City Men say the flip-flop is the way to go.

In the summers of our youth we called them “thongs” – those cheap rubber things we slipped our feet into. You could buy them for a buck at the local TG&Y, and all summer they were the next best thing to going barefoot.

A few years ago, “flip-flops,” as we call them today, made a comeback in a big way. And the ones who embraced them the most are the ones you might least suspect: men.

Sure, leather boots are still in style for manly footwear, but this time of year many Oklahoma City men say the flip-flop is the way to go. Corporate men, artistic men, man’s man-type men… all agree that women are not the only ones who can bask in the luxury of the flip-flop.



Strategic sourcing analyst for Oklahoma’s Department of Central Services

Most Favored Flip-Flop: Reef in black

“I’m in dress shoes all week. When evening comes or on the weekend, flip-flops are the closest I come to wearing shoes. My girlfriend used to tell me my feet and toes were ugly. I think my toes are beautiful, so I don’t mind getting out there in a pair of flips and being comfortable.”

“I’m really thinking about getting a pedicure this summer. I’ve heard it’s the latest trend for men. Heck, I might as well go all the way and marry it up with a nice facial.”

Yes, he said “facial.”



President of Oklahoma City’s Tornado Royalty

Most Favored Flip-Flop: Mark Nason

“They’re probably one of the most comfortable things I own. It really is a treat to dress down and just be able to throw on a pair of flip-flops if I’m running out to do some errands. My wife and I spend much of our time out at the pool with our kids in the summer, so I always keep a pair of flip-flops handy.”

“Eric has darling feet,” boasts Stiglets’ wife, Stacey. “I always think he looks so cute in sandals or flip-flops. He has some he will wear just for every day, and then a few dressier ones he can wear if we go out to Deep Fork for dinner. He is always so put-together, whether it’s in a suit and tie for work or in his flip-flops playing with the kids. That’s one of the best parts about summer, just being casual.”



Owner of OKC Estate Sales and regular host with Linda Cavanaugh on KFOR’s “Trash or Treasure”

Most Favored Flip-Flop: John Varvatos in black

“I actually wear [flip-flops] quite a bit – in fact, during the summer, that’s about all I wear. I treat myself to a pedicure on a regular basis and can’t imagine going a month without one. I never know when I might run into a client, plus I’m at the pool a lot, so I want to keep my feet looking neat and clean. I mean, whoever said women have a monopoly on good grooming?”



President and CEO of Crissinger Public Relations

“I love flip-flops. I wear them as often as I can, but I think my feet are sort of embarrassing from too many years of soccer and long-distance running. My wife keeps telling me I need a pedicure, so this summer that’s on my ‘to-do’ list.”

Pedicure? Yes, he said “pedicure.” According to local salons, Crissinger is not alone. A growing number of men are opting for pampering pedis.

“We are seeing more men come into the salon asking for pedicures,” said Cathy Nguyen of Salon Nails in Oklahoma City. “It just makes sense: if you want to be well-groomed, that includes your feet too, especially if you’re wearing flip-flops. Keeping up your feet is as important as getting a fresh haircut.”



Our picks for the gentlemen men who have come to appreciate the pedicure…


(Left to right) OluKai “Ohana” flip-flop from Cayman’s  |  OluKai “Hiapo” flip-flop from Cayman’s  |  Steve Madden “Raegan” sandal from Dillard’s at Penn Square Mall  |  Cole Haan “Tucker Strap” thong from Dillard’s at Penn Square Mall  |  Tommy Bahama “Beach Walker” flip-flop from Cayman’s  |  Born “Lionel” sandal from Dillard’s at Penn Square Mall



And for the women who have known all along…

Tory Burch dandelion, metal, equestrian orange and ivory (with bunnies!) flip-flops from Cayman’s, Yellow Box fuchsia polka dot flip-flops from Dillard’s at Penn Square Mall

Prada crisscross strappy and Valentino jelly sandals from Balliets, Sanuk “Ibiza Monaco” flip-flop from Dillard’s at Penn Square Mall

Diane von Furstenburg “Janee” sandal from Balliets, Tory Burch leopard print sandal from Cayman’s

Kenny Scharf for Jack Rogers sandal from Gordon Stuart, Missoni jelly and Kate Spade “Felicia” sandals from Balliets

Kate Spade “Findley” (black) and “Faylan” (gold) sandals and Prada chain link and patent leather flat from Balliets