Hostess Ease for Entertaining

Hostess Ease for Entertaining

The best parties have relaxed hosts; with these tips and a little bit of advanced preparation, you can chill out and actually enjoy your own soiree.


If I have learned one thing over the years about entertaining, it’s that being a good hostess or host means being a relaxed one. Ways to make this actually happen can vary with the individual, but here are four tips that should definitely help you be a little more at ease.

1. BEAUTY FIRST While setting a beautiful table is always a priority, that doesn’t mean it has to take a lot of time. Laying out some type of greenery down the center is the perfect anchor for a beautiful table and requires only the time to cut and place. Weeping willow branches, with their wispy feel, are one of my favorites. Adding freshly cut garden roses to small vases along the garland is an ideal accessory, and takes no time at all.

2. DRINKS, PLEASE While wine or champagne are easy choices, a mixed cocktail for the evening is a nice touch … but it doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple drink with only a few ingredients is key. This Lemon Fizz is a primo summer cocktail, refreshing and a snap to make.

3. MUSIC, ALWAYS Preparing a playlist for the evening ahead of guests’ arrivals is a great way to get yourself in the party mood, plus having it all set up and ready to go gives you one less thing to think about during the evening.

4. THE PARTY'S OVER Do paper napkins and plastic or paper plates violate number 1 on this list? Not necessarily. With today’s options, finding a disposable white plate and stylish napkin is relatively simple, and the ease at clean-up will make it all the more worthwhile. Mix in flatware and glasses, because you can just pop them into the dishwasher – then sit back, pour yourself one more lemon fizz and listen to a few of your favorite songs to toast a well-hosted fete.



Check out the playlist on Spotify titled 405 Magazine by Sara Gae Waters.