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Hue are You?

  In the world of color vs.

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In the world of color vs. neutral you really can’t have a loser. Some people say they’ve never met a color they didn’t love. Others revel in variations of white, grey, brown, caramel. Sometimes less is much more and sometimes more is wonderfully more.

Tablecloth from India and Ivy

This spring when you’re setting your table why not do both? Change it up. If you gravitate toward wild color why not dial it back and try your hand at something more calming and subdued and perhaps even less work?  If you don’t normally go all-out when setting the table, maybe it’s time to revel in an over-the-top, color-filled setting. Here are some ideas and some hints for you. Above all? Have fun. Enjoy the art of setting a table. 

Our colorful table setting is a symphony of vivid and rich pink tones, from light to dark, layering luscious Italian wares atop of beautiful block-printed linens from India. We added vintage crystal, gorgeous new flatware and pale pink taper candles. Flowers take center stage with a mix of roses, waxflower, scabiosa and sweet peas. Everything about this table boldly declares that more is decidedly better. One note, even if you are making a big splash with big colors, balance that out with a small detail here and there. The bamboo skewers, each adorned with a pearl, are small but definitely not something to miss…especially with a couple of fresh raspberries for your drink of choice. 

Neutrals do not have to be color’s dreary stepsister. Sometimes an easy and fresh table is just the thing we need: beautiful but not complicated. Swipe a few potted plants from a windowsill, or buy them specifically for the table and place them around the home later. This is a quick and organic way to start the centerpiece of your table, and something I mention here often.

042 405 Home Spring 21

No need for placemats or tablecloths, a simple linen napkin or even a striped french dish towel can give you that laissez faire feeling. A simple, clear-glass pitcher of any size with a  big bunch of one variety of  flower right in the center is so easy and beautiful. White waxflower is the perfect candidate, simple and breezy. Choosing wicker wrapped glasses and clipping sprigs of olive branches, or ivy, or boxwood, furthers the natural and neutral theme. For that attention to detail, a handwritten place card atop the greenery shows you’ve given this occasion a little extra thought.

044 405 Home Spring 21

All that is left is a little music, drink in hand and oh yes…the food! 


Color table:

Richard Ginori Oriente Italiano table top and pink carafe from Bebe’s 

Tablecloth from India and Ivy 

Juliska flatware and white napkins from Tulip’s 

Crystal from private collection


Neutral table:

Clear pitcher from March 

Terracotta pots from The Flower Shop and Terrain 

Glasses from Tulip’s

Flatware, plates and linens from private collection