I Mustard Implore You

I Mustard Implore You

Brighten up any room with a color as bold as you are.


When you think of mustard, if all that comes to mind is a bright yellow squirt atop a hotdog, you might want to expand your focus. Mustard yellow is much more than a common condiment color. It has sexy iterations like saffron, yellow ochre, amber, goldenrod or even canary.

There are many variations, each as beautiful as the next. Some darker shades can lean toward brown tones that radiate richness and cultivate a feeling of warmth.  It’s the perfect squeeze of color; a great accent to a room, painting or rug.

And if you are as bold as the color itself, then bring it on to a spicier scale with a set of bookshelves painted in a high-gloss hue. It’s sure to brighten up any room and trust us, wherever you take mustard in the home, it’s in good taste.



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Abstract painting, $1,195 from Mister Robert