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10 Local Pasta Dishes You Need to Try Now

In praise of pasta

Photo by Lexi Hoebing

It’s probably not much of a stretch to say we were all raised on pasta — especially if you include mac ‘n’ cheese and canned ravioli in that category alongside spaghetti and meatballs — but the 405’s diningscape has moved well beyond needing electric orange cheese powder to jazz up its noodles. Amid a bevy of enticing Italian-influenced options, here are 10 Pasta Dishes You Need to Try Now.

Piatto Italian Kitchen, 2920 NW 63rd St., OKC – It’s house-made casarecce pasta with octopus, but what makes it incredible is the use of bone marrow to increase the richness and creaminess of the mouthfeel. It’s an absolutely brilliant dish.

Patrono, 305 N. Walker Ave., OKC – The carbonara at this downtown Italian restaurant is the rare spot in OKC that uses guanciale (cheek) for the cured “bacon.” It does everything, including service, very well.

Benvenuti’s Ristorante, 105 W. Main St., Norman – Wild boar gnocchi at this Main Street Italian joint is one of the best things in Norman. Fluffy pillows of awesomeness with a rich bolognese is the perfect combination of flavor and texture.

Osteria, 6430 Avondale Dr., OKC – The pappardelle bolognese is the way to go at this Nichols Hills Plaza spot. Fresh ricotta and a truly fantastic bolognese make this dish a must-try.

Vito’s Ristorante, 7628 N. May Ave., OKC – It’s like a little bit of Kansas City Italian in OKC, and it’s a hospitality gold standard. Get the linguine. It’s simple and flavorful, and because there is no place to hide errors in a dish like this, the quality shines through.

Sparrow Italian, 507 S. Boulevard, Edmond – The mushroom agnolotti is as beautiful as it is delicious. The whipped ricotta is a nice touch, but it’s the pecorino brodo that makes this dish.

Stella Modern Italian, 1201 N. Walker Ave., OKC – Wild boar bolognese has been a favorite at this Midtown restaurant since it hit the menu for good reason. Rich and flavorful without being gamey, it’s a hearty, satisfying dish.

Amici in Movimento, 15920 SE 29th St., Choctaw – The menu name is Fungo Suina Alfredo, but you can ask for ham and mushroom alfredo. Chef Patrick Morris makes nearly everything in house, a bold move for a traditional Italian place in Choctaw, and it’s uniformly excellent.

Pizzeria Gusto, 2415 N. Walker, OKC – Always ask what the pasta special is — but if it’s not your thing, the short rib gnocchi is a fixture on the menu, and it’s outstanding. We’d like to know if there is anything Chef Kathryn Mathis can’t do well.

Moni’s Pasta and Pizza, 17200 N. May, Edmond – This is one of the more unsung restaurants in the city, but one taste of the orecchiette pasta with vodka sauce will bring you back and get you telling others about this spot right on the Edmond-OKC border