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In Search of Savor

  Fall is a time of change for the 405.

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Fall is a time of change for the 405. From fashion to fun activities, everything is subject to the transition of the season with the exception of one bad habit: the food rut That’s when a person’s daily menu becomes less of an adventure and more of a Rolodex of comfort food and family recipes. 


The food rut is a tricky trench to emerge from. Luckily, there are options – four-wheeled options that are tasty and COVID-friendly. Here are suggestions for some of the OKC area’s finest food trucks that are sure to make this out-of-the-ordinary treat into an obvious choice for your next meal.


Big Truck Tacos

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Voted America’s Favorite Food Truck in a nationwide Food Network contest, Big Truck Tacos is an idyllic blend of Tex-Mex flavors with a culinary edge. With multiple B.T.T. food trucks in the metro area, visitors can experience the expansive menu including such items as the Borracho Chicken tacos: a spice-rubbed beer can chicken taco with spicy tomato sauce, onions and cilantro; and the Thunder Burrito: a blend of potatoes, beef picadillo, refried beans, jalapenos, cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo. Menu items, prices and times can be found online at


Chick N Wangs

1020 10 Prime Picks Chick N Wangs

Fans of authentic Southern cuisine can rejoice at Chick N Wangs – a selection of menu items such as fried okra and fish, spiced Italian sausage and, of course, chicken wings. Whether you side with the spicy side or fancy the fried section, these chicken wings have everything a wing-lover could ask for. Typically served with a side of fries and ranch, bleu cheese, barbecue, honey mustard or other dipping sauces, this is family-owned down-home cooking on the move. For more information, visit their Facebook page at


Taste of Soul

1020 10 Prime Picks Taste Of Soul

Freshly made chicken egg rolls and piping hot fried rice is bound to do the soul some good. At the Taste of Soul Giant Egg Roll food truck, customers can enjoy an eclectic blend of Southern-style chicken and Asian-infused cuisine that offers egg roll traditionalists and newcomers a unique experience. Known for its “giant” chicken egg rolls – a large egg roll with cabbage, carrots and succulent chicken in place of the classic chopped pork – the menu offers a variety of choices including a Spicy Chicken Fried Rice Box, an Egg Roll in a Bowl Salad and even Dessert Egg Rolls: two fried rolls filled with either cherry or apple and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. All information can be found on Facebook at


Phill Me Up

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Iconic regional food has a way of traveling to all corners of the country. This is why Oklahomans can enjoy genuine Philly Cheesesteaks and more at the Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks food truck. Now located at the Collective Food Hall in Midtown, food truck aficionados can experience the flavors of the Philly from the comfort of the Oklahoma City streets, including the classic “OG” Philly Cheesesteak, the Okie – a Philly Cheesesteak with pepperjack cheese and Sriracha barbecue sauce – or something more shareable such as the veggie fries and the Loaded Mac N Cheese: a bowl of three-cheese macaroni topped with ribeye steak and caramelized onions. Additional information is found at


Let’s Do Greek

1020 10 Prime Picks Lets Do Greek

Gyros, falafel, baklava: If this all seems Greek to you, then you’re right on the Euro! At Let’s Do Greek, food truck patrons can enjoy professionally made Greek food, including the Thunder Gyro – gyro meat and grilled ham topped with Feta cheese, tomatoes, fresh onions and a spicy sauce blend known as Thunder Sauce – hummus, oregano chicken over rice and more to sate your Mediterranean craving. For more information, visit