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In the Gray

Cool, smooth, rich without being pretentious and outstanding at playing well with others – we feel strongly about the neutral shade of gray’s ability to play any role.


Hamilton geometric patterned rug & tufted flannel club chair
from Red Chateau in OKC

Stitched suede floor lamp, antique sari pillow & Elaine McLeod “Chamisol Grande I” painting from 30A Home in OKC

Aiden Gray wishbone side table
from Starr Home in OKC


In 1994, My Husband And I Were

Thrilled To Buy Our First Home.

We Loved The House, And Still Do.


When we bought it, it was completely gray – save for the wood floors. In the kitchen, the Formica, the linoleum and the walls were all gray. The walls in the other rooms were various shades of the same. The only bathroom in the house was done in black and white tile – and of course we all know what happens when you mix black and white. It seemed I could not get away from this omnipresent color.

I couldn’t wait to slap on the taupe – the hot color that everyone was using at the time. So I did, everywhere. And now … gray is back in a big way. You can thank Restoration Hardware. They’ve definitely helped keep this color in the limelight, and rightfully so. Gray is a great neutral: cool and smooth, perfectly calming when it’s light, with an enveloping richness in a darker hue. Gray also has the ability to showcase any color. It can be the perfect backdrop in any form, from four walls to a large couch or a set of chairs. I can’t think of a color that doesn’t look good with gray.

So here you go. Just a little vignette that’s heavy on the gray, with splashes of color to show that not only is it here to stay, it’s perfectly happy as the star of the show or in a supporting role.