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Inspiration From Nature for Setting the Table

Treasured holiday memories are often made around the dining table; these naturally inspired decorating suggestions can make the atmosphere even more enjoyable.


Plates and bowls, glasses, linens, silverware, small
bowls and large bowl all from West Elm in OKC 


Welcome To The Unofficial “Entertaining Season.”

Right after Halloween, we slide into November and Thanksgiving
kicks it off with the family dinners and holiday parties with friends.
It won’t surprise you that I love the holidays … it’s a great excuse
to set up the table, bring out all your treasured table top items and gather around for a long meal with family and friends. Turkey? Yes, please. Pie? Absolutely. Pumpkins, fall foliage, candles … count me in for all of the above. Pressure? Definitely not. Now, I can’t do anything about the pressure of remembering to thaw the turkey or baste it just right. I can, however, help on the décor front. Ingredients: old farm table, foliage garnered from both outdoors and floral shops, unique housewares and a little food
to get the recipe juices flowing. Enjoy!


For the garland, weeping willow branches are laid across the table. For a simpler look, use the willow branches (or other greenery) by itself, but to dress it up a bit, add in fresh-cut flowers.
Here I used rose hips, dahilas and gooseneck loosestrife.

Pewter bowl from Cayman’s in Norman

Using the same flowers, two different fresh arrangements are made. A more casual arrangement
in a vintage glass pitcher could be rose hips and a few pieces of loosestrife, and a more formal arrangement is placed in a pewter vessel with the addition of a few stems of green wheat. Personally, my favorite look always leans towards the simpler option.

Vintage pitcher from The Social Club in Norman

    A few pumpkins, a little garland and maybe some pillar candles scattered about are appealing
to me. Add in your plates and glasses and then the food and you’ll find your table
is more than full.

Plates, glasses, linens and cake stands all from Anthropologie in OKC

It’s my mantra and something I can’t help but repeat every year … It’s the people gathered around the table that
are important. Don’t let the stress of the perfect table setting get in the way of that one truth.
Happy holiday season to you and yours!