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Keeping Time

Time – or at least style – is on your side with an elegant collection of watches and clocks.

As we close the door on another year and look ahead to 2013, I find myself seeking out the age-old timepiece: the clock. In these days of smart phones, cell phones, whatever kind of phone you have, the watch (and even clocks for that matter) seems to have become passé. More often people purchase watches for fashion rather than functionality. However, my husband did recently purchase an actual wristwatch, and not for fashion reasons… although it is very stylish. He loves to wear a watch – to look down and see the miniature clock and register the time.

L-R: Painted vintage wall clock from The Wood Garden | Tin wall clock from The Wood Garden | Pewter wall clock from Red Chateau | Norida desk clock from Red Chateau – all in Oklahoma City

That said, as a “decorating (time) piece,” there are few things as classic as a striking clock (no pun intended). Freestanding or hanging, table or desk, the clock is not only functional but fashionable for the home. One of my fondest memories from childhood was waiting for the hour to strike on my grandparents’ cuckoo clock. It was a thrill to see the little chicken (or rooster? some kind of bird anyway) pop out its head and announce the time. There’s nothing quite like the chime of a grandfather clock, or the soft tick-tock of a wall clock, to remind us that time is marching on.

L-R: Hourglasses from Luxe Objects in Nichols Hills | Crystal pineapple clock from Luxe Objects | Calisto scroll arm desk clock from Red Chateau | Tyner antique grandfather clock from The Wood Garden

Yours, Mine and Hours clock from Red Chateau

Large or small, bejeweled or straightforward, classic or modern – there are many choices out there. To mark the beginning of this year I’ve singled out just a few, which was difficult since I saw so many beautiful ones.

So many clocks… not enough time.