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KickingBird’s Golfing Legacy

Fresh renovations on a longstanding tradition in Edmond.


Nestled in the heart of Edmond, KickingBird Golf Club stands as the city’s most venerable public golf course. Designed by Floyd Farley, the facility opened with a bang during its inaugural weekend more than half a century ago. Since then, KickingBird has woven itself into the fabric of local and state golfing lore. 

“KickingBird Golf is Edmond’s oldest golf course, built in 1971,” said Director of Golf Brian Sorensen. “The course has a rich history of competitive golf events that have been hosted, including the Oklahoma Open, which was held in the early ’80s. KickingBird Golf Club was host to the Oklahoma Open from 1979-1985.”

KickingBird has not only served as the backdrop to numerous prestigious tournaments, but also shaped the careers of several notable golfers. The club’s competitive spirit remains undiminished, from hosting legends like Danny Edwards and Dr. Gil Morgan to being the current venue for the Oklahoma Golf Association’s Boys State Junior Championship.

Sorensen described the club’s enduring appeal and recent enhancements created by Oklahoma’s Bockus Payne: “The KickingBird Golf Renovation was built to offer golfers and non-golfers alike a unique and exceptional municipal golf experience,” he said. “The project was constructed with the community in mind, and you do not have to be a member or a golfer to enjoy the new amenities. We have a 6,600-square-foot event center hosting wedding receptions, birthday parties, business meetings and other non-golf-related events.” 

While golfers of all levels can enjoy the course, KickingBird also caters to non-golfers through its diverse amenities, like the Lookout Restaurant and Range Entertainment Pavilion. The event center, managed by the Hole in One Food and Beverage group, offers a versatile space for weddings, business meetings and other events, making the club a central hub for social activities in Edmond.

Sorensen also noted, “Golf experienced exponential growth during and after COVID; it was one of the safe outdoor activities people could participate in. We have seen a large growth in our customer base between the ages of 20-40. Junior Golf is growing as well. Golf is relational, and that is one of the aspects we focus on here at KickingBird. Golfers are spending their time and money for fun, and we hope to provide them with a fun, relational experience every time they visit KickingBird.”

KickingBird’s strategic initiatives focus on financial responsibility, economic development and enhancing the community quality of life. “Our goal is to host more events that draw visitors to Edmond, boost local sales and support community organizations,” said Sorensen. He proudly added that KickingBird has been pivotal in maintaining the city’s rich golf tradition, noting the success of several PGA Tour players from local high schools.

From its scenic views to its modern architectural designs featuring expansive windows and high ceilings, every aspect of KickingBird is crafted to offer an exceptional experience. 

“We placed an importance on the way the buildings function and how they relate to one another from a business flow perspective,” Sorensen said. “We focused on the great views—KickingBird is the highest point in Edmond. [Bockus Payne] used a modern design incorporating windows and patio spaces. High ceilings create an expansive, open feeling throughout. We wanted to create a facility that was unique to our area and region.”

As KickingBird Golf Club continues to redefine municipal golf, its tag lines, “Bring Your Game to Life” and “Municipal Golf Redefined,” encapsulate its mission to enhance the golfing experience and strengthen community ties. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a newcomer eager to take your first swing, KickingBird offers a welcoming environment where every visitor can find enjoyment and a sense of belonging.