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Kitchen Companions

Time for some kitchen upgrades? Revitalize the gear that makes your home cook.


We all have the usual suspects hanging around the kitchen countertops. Canisters of flour and sugar, cleaning utensils, small appliances … are the stacks of mail just me? While cleaning the kitchen may be a several-times-a-day affair, why not freshen it up, too, with a few new additions?

Clear everything off the countertops for a clean slate and start anew. Nothing makes a kitchen look cleaner than a mostly blank counter space. Put away things you don’t need handy every single day, then add in some stylish kitchen tools and beautiful serving pieces for display. Not only will this make your kitchen look revitalized, it might spark a desire to get cooking in it!



White and gray tray with large and small cellar, $48.99 from Urbane

Wood and gold measuring cups, $49.99 from Plenty Mercantile

Marble cutting board and glass dome, $52.50 from Urbane


(clockwise from top right)

Laurel ring dish, $18 from Sara Kate Studios

Compost caddy, $39.99

Measuring spoons, $24.99

Marble and acacia spoon rest, $35.99 all from Plenty Mercantile


(clockwise from right)

Veggie brush with handle, $12

Set of 4 brushes for bottles or wine glasses, $20

Veggie brush, $6

Pot scrubber, $6 all from Sara Kate Studios