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Latin-Flavored Looks in the 405

  Fashion remains an excellent way to convey a certain mood or attitude.

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Necklace and belt from Oak City Vintage; Story On pleated ruffle top from Black Scintilla; and Traffic People pants from Eden.


Fashion remains an excellent way to convey a certain mood or attitude. When it comes to clothing with Latin influences and flair, that feeling is often sultry or sizzling and definitely fun.

Many of this season’s trends can be traced to looks reminiscent of traditional Latin or Spanish clothing, making it even easier to add a little spice to any outfit. Bright colors, print scarves, intricate embroidery, interesting texture, ruffles, bare shoulders, peasant and puffy sleeves, full skirts and flounces graced the spring designer runways and beg for second glances no matter how they’re styled.

A nod to Latin America-inspired fashion offers a fresh approach this season. It’s a look that can be played up head-to-toe or, as local stylist Elizabeth Wheat says, it can be an “accessories opportunity.” Add layers of necklaces or bracelets in either metal or painted wood. Put a ring on every other finger. Opt for big, colorful earrings that sway with every movement of your head. Slip into a pair of metallic huarache sandals for a sophisticated take on the classic. Cinch your waist with an unexpected belt. Try a matador hat on for size, or take a more minimal approach by tying a scarf around your head or tucking a flower or two into your hair. 


If more is better, and for many it is, let accessories be the final touch and start with an off-the-shoulder dress or top. A one-shoulder style is another flattering option. Ruffles are plentiful this season, so embracing the feminine detail can be done in a big or small way. Wearer’s choice, but too many ruffles may lean more towards young girl than modern sophisticate. 

So, who’s in the mood for a little Latin American fashion flair?


Photography: Shevaun Williams

Model: Leslie Evans, Tabb Agency

Stylist: Elizabeth Wheat

Hair and makeup: Ashley Pike, Ashley Tolman Beauty


Betsy King Shoes, 3001 Paseo,

Black Scintilla, 1112 N. Walker Ave.,

Eden, 3014 Paseo,

Gretta Sloane, 6476 Avondale,

Jack Loves Jill Vintage, jacklovesjill_vintage

Oak City Vintage, 1112 N. Walker Ave.,