Latino Sleepwear Brand Taking the World by Storm

Showcasing an outstanding Latino brand for Hispanic Heritage Month
Sir Cadian Sleepwear

There’s no better time than now to highlight fantastic Latino businesses, as Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to an end Oct. 15. Karys and Alejandro Batsakis are taking the sleepwear world by storm with their creation of Sir Cadian—a company that uses sustainable and breathable fabrics while incorporating the beauty and culture of Latino and Hispanic pracitces. With backgrounds in Guatemala and Puerto Rico, the Batsakises were able to form a unique collection of men’s sleepwear: Rather than taking the easy way out, Sir Cadian uses anti-bacterial fabrics that regulate body temperature and don’t fade over time and in the wash. 

Sir Cadian Owners CoupleAlejandro and Karys Batsakis were forced to move due to the pandemic, leaving them in the beautiful and affordable city of Tulum, Mexico. With inspiration flowing effortlessly around them, the Batsakises wanted to create a comfortable sleepwear business with Latin influences at the front and center. Sir Cadian’s prints were crafted after important figures in the Latino and Hispanic community, and the company aims to keep it that way. “We have mostly Latin employees, from our graphic designers to our interns,” they said. “Even our manufacturing is in Guatemala. We have truly leveraged our network and resources, and are living and breathing a brand created by Latinos.” 

Alejandro Batsakis called upon his struggles when creating Sir Cadian with his wife. “Learning to work through my anxiety has been one of the toughest [challenges], and it has forced me to change my habits, thoughts, and values,” he said. The couple comes from a world outside typical fashion, and their effort to create unique clothing does not go unnoticed, however difficult and stress-inducing it may be. Sir Cadian is highly innovative, proclaiming itself the first business to “create a boxer without a traditional elastic waistband by removing the typically tight and constricting quality of men’s underwear.”  

When it comes to the defining influences of Sir Cadian, Alejandro and Karys Batsakis put their family above all. “Our parents have been an inspiration, especially their hard work and determination for us to have better education and pursue graduate studies—an opportunity they did not have for themselves,” the couple said. For comfort and luxury, Sir Cadian changes the sleepwear game with a Latin twist. “We are not your dad’s pajamas!”

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