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Lavish Layers for Autumn

With summer over, it’s time to prepare for the advent of autumn by cozying up to stylish jackets such as these.


October marks the beginning of what we’ve all been waiting for (well, many of us, anyway): those cooler temps that have us reaching for a jacket before we head outside. On the other hand, cooler isn’t necessarily cold, or even all that cool – so layering is the key. A short or cropped jacket is the perfect answer; having both a lightweight and more substantial jacket on hand means you are prepared for anything. Comfort and preparedness are always a good idea, and these stunners make you just that, with great style to boot.



Shearling Hoodie by Vince, $1,950 from CK & Co.

(left to right)

Mauled Denim Jacket, $77 from MODE // Anita Jacket in Ivory by Veronica Beard, $495 from Gretta Sloane.



Lafayette Funnel neck snap Jacket by Veronica Beard, $795 from Gretta Sloane.


(top to bottom)

Sheryl Bomber by Paige, $295 // Quilted Bomber by Vince, $485 both from CK & Co.