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Life's a Gas

A steamy shower isn’t the only reason to go natural; its dozen-plus uses in this Norman home demonstrate why natural gas is such a hot idea.

NATURAL GAS FOR THE HOME MOST OFTEN FALLS ALONG THREE LINES OF UTILITY: heating water, fueling your stove and oven and beating back the chills of fall and winter. There’s just one problem if you stick with that trio: You’re missing at least a dozen other cool ways to make your life a “gas.”

One brilliant application for natural gas holds particular appeal considering Oklahoma’s sometimes-boisterous weather – keeping the lights on when storms blink them off.

Most electricity generators run on diesel or gasoline fuel, both of which eventually run out, necessitating trips to get more via heavy containers. Keeping those fuels stored is problematic, too, as their quality degrades over time and contamination is always a threat.

A natural-gas generator solves those problems by tying into your existing underground line, creating a reliable source of electricity even in bad storms. It’s programmed to spring to life instantly with an on-demand gas supply to run it.

Dan Reeves, president of Landmark Fine Homes, partnered with Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. to build a natural gas concept home in Norman’s Carrington Lakes neighborhood. It features no fewer than 15 natural-gas-powered amenities. The generator is the biggest hit, he says.

“I think everybody wants to get a natural gas backup generator,” he said. “People love it.”

Excerpted from the fall 2013 edition of Design Oklahoma. To read the full article, click here to read our digital edition.