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Make Flowers Your Instant Charmers

Arranging them is a reward in itself, and adding bouquets of blooms is a quick, simple way to add beauty and color to an indoor space.


Spring is in full bloom, so this is no time to let your surroundings remain monochromatic and drab – especially since flooding your home with joyously vibrant color is as quick, simple and rewarding as filling a vase, or several, with a selection of nature’s decorations. With April’s showers behind us, it’s time for May flowers.

If there is one certainty in home décor, it has to be the immediate freshness flowers bring to a room. Even if you have had the same old couch and curtains for what feels like forever and you’re sick to death of your rug, add in some freshly cut flowers or a few potted plants, and voila! Things will seem palpably new.

With so many flowers available from multiple sources, you shouldn’t let trepidation stop something that can bring such joy: don’t be afraid to cut and arrange. Keep it simple to start. You don’t have to even mix different flowers together – the easiest way to get a punch of color for minimum effort is to simply cluster flowers together, cut them down and place them in a favorite container.

Remember to check the water and refill and recut if you need to. Look for branches in your yard for a base and add in just a few blooms here and there for a more wild but very “in” type of arrangement. Whatever your fancy, you can’t go wrong with fresh blooms to brighten your home and your day.