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Making an Entrance

Thoughtfully designed entry areas will welcome and wow.

Photo by Emily Hart

Thoughtfully designed entry areas will welcome and wow. 

When the doorbell chimes, the entry takes center stage; it’s time to shine. When designing the forefront of your home, local designers advise, don’t shy away from making a statement. Impressive lighting? Interesting wallpaper? Irresistible rug? Yes, please. 

Photo by Emily Hart

Presenting a Classic

“Entryways are like an immersive experience, evoking an initial tone of grandeur when stepping through the front doors of a home for the first time,” said Ashford Thomson with Thomson + Thomson Designs.

Homeowners Stephanie and Faustino Kazenske worked with Thomson on an entry that would complement their historic Heritage Hills home, built in 1925. Thomson sourced period appropriate antiques from dealers worldwide, jump-starting the Kazenskes’ collection of heirloom-quality pieces to pass down from generation to generation. 

“We wanted a space that we could enjoy right away, but that would also leave room for us to slowly acquire art and antiques,” Stephanie Kazenske said. “I wanted the entry to be both unique and timeless, representing the home well while also feeling special for us.”  

The room’s archived wallpaper, “Kanchou” by Brunschwig & Fils, encapsulates that special feeling, and thoughtful details such as this were incorporated into the entry design to honor the timelessness of the home.

Photo by Emily Hart

A Contemporary Approach

Sometimes new construction inspires a new design direction. Fanny Bolen of Fanny Bolen Interiors recently helped longtime clients achieve a contemporary aesthetic within their newly built home, a departure from styles adopted for their previous residences. 

“The entry has a very European feel, but with a newer twist to it,” Bolen said regarding the Nichols Hills home. “We incorporated some of the antique pieces they had, but then we incorporated some newer things with them.” 

Heightening the drama of the space, Bolen combined a beautiful bronze and jewel chandelier with black, gray and white marble floors. A French contemporary lamp and new artwork bring a fresh feel to the design, while a magnolia-themed Vivienne Westwood rug adds intrigue.

“The rug is really important because it makes a statement, to me, of Southern [design] with the big magnolia branch and blossom, but with a real contemporary feeling. The colors are beautiful, and it’s just large enough to make the whole entrance kind of magical,” Bolen said. 

Bolen recommends adding furniture to make your entry functional for greeting and hosting, and for this home, a mid-century commode and soft bench seating did the trick. 

Magical and contemporary, or traditional and timeless — when it comes to entry design, experts encourage homeowners to play up their own personalities. In addition, it can carry an unspoken statement to all who enter: Welcome to our home.

Photo by Emily Hart