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Making (and Keeping) a Comfy Nest

Through a remodel to fill it with light and a thoughtful redecoration using treasured mementos, the Herritts’ home has evolved from dated domicile into a peaceful, comfortable joy.

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It’s One Of Those Houses That Make You Immediately Feel At Home. Grab A Classic Book, Settle Into A Comfortable Chair In A Cozy Nook And Let The World Outside Pass You By.

Homeowners Jana and David Herritt have a knack for welcoming guests into their home and making it seem they are a part of the family.

“May I offer you something to drink,” Jana asks, “or are you hungry? Would you like something to eat?”

A couple of canine friends, Bo and Abby, are on hand to greet you, as well as a 20-year-old cat named Punk.

Built in the 1940s on a quiet, tree-lined street, the house has a traditional feel with an updated, modern flair. It is decorated in Jana’s favorite colors of grey, cream and gold.

“When we bought the house 24 years ago, it was much different,” Jana said. “It was very dated.”

“We added a room on the back and then added our bedroom upstairs. On the second floor, you originally had to walk through one bedroom to get to another.”

The polished hardwood floors glisten. A large formal living space is anchored by an overstuffed gold sofa. Above the sofa are handcrafted drawings of Jana and David’s three children: Amy, Robert and Brian.

“Those portraits of our kids were done by a local artist, Mary Ann Fore, in Ardmore,” Jana says. “They were a gift from my parents and capture the children when they were young.

“On the other wall is a colorful piece of work from artist Joy Richardson. And on the bookshelf are a few classics we have collected through the years. I used the same white covering on all of them to give them a more uniform feel.

“The house originally ended here,” Jana says as she steps down into the family room. “We added this room and the fireplace during our first remodel when we bought the house.

A few steps away is the dining room. “This was an office when we first moved in,” Jana says. “It had a very low ceiling and you almost had to duck your head when you came in. It had grids on the ceiling like in the old school rooms. We took the attic space that was above it, added vaulted ceilings and the wooden beams so now it is very spacious and open. It makes it really nice, especially at Christmas when our family is all here.”

Looking toward the front of the house, an elegant writing desk is positioned in front of several full-length windows.

“I really enjoy having such large windows; watching the falling leaves or the first snowfall. My 10-year-old niece lives across the street and in the spring and summer it is fun to watch her skateboard and ride her bike.”

Clean lines with open and spacious rooms are perfect for entertaining. “We entertain some,” Jana said. “Not big parties, but last Friday we had a group of our closest friends over. The kids were here, plus David and I, so there were maybe 15 people. The open floor plan really lends itself to entertaining.”

Jana and David are empty-nesters now, and did contemplate moving at one point.

“A few years ago when we had one of the big hail storms we considered whether we should stay here or move. But when you have raised all your kids in one place, it just becomes home.

“The house has evolved into something that is very ‘us,’” Jana says. “Very peaceful, very comfortable. I think we are pretty content.”