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Marvelous Looks for Moms Who Do It All

Many mothers are celebrated with cards, gifts and flowers in May, though hopefully it’s not the only time.

Photography: Shevaun Williams and Associates

Many mothers are celebrated with cards, gifts and flowers in May, though hopefully it’s not the only time. Going forward, maybe her big day should be a reminder for mom to also celebrate herself. Really, for all women to celebrate themselves. To acknowledge their self-worth and to embrace feeling good, looking good and being true to themselves.

Many mothers do it all, whether it’s 9 to 5 at the office, owning their own business or juggling a jam-packed schedule that includes carpools, parent-teacher conferences and volunteering … and probably much of everything else that requires attention between sunrise and sunset.

Amanda Baker, an Oklahoma City style influencer and content creator of the Gray Details, exemplifies the spirit and passion of today’s mother. She and her husband Ryan have three children — that alone translates to a busy, hectic lifestyle. Add in her popular website posts and social media sites, and that adds up to one hard-working and successful woman. And she loves almost every aspect of her life, even the 50 or so hours she spends each week on the Gray Details.

“I wish I could find a better balance,” Baker said. “I think every mother struggles with that.”

She said her work doesn’t feel like work, though. “I do it because I need to feel 100 percent fulfilled in what I do.” She likes inspiring women, and blogging fulfills that. “I need it for me to feel good, to feel meaningful.”

Baker worked 13 years for Calvin Klein underwear, living in New York for a decade and then working remotely after moving to Oklahoma and traveling back and forth occasionally. Baby number three changed that. She stayed home for a couple of years, doing everything stay-at-home moms do, and then launched the Gray Details.

“At the end of the day, I needed something for me. I had such a strong work background,” she said, adding that with her experience in fashion, e-commerce and online retailers, the Gray Details seemed a natural fit. Her focus and goal is to inspire and guide women through visualization and style guides. She likes to show them how to dress for any occasion by creating a capsule wardrobe.

Personally, Baker loves neutrals and is drawn to romantic florals, lace and feminine details, all strong looks for spring. Some of the season’s other most talked about styles, many of which will be perfect for a Mother’s Day gathering or warm weather date night, include knits, bold color, black and white stripes, fringe, color blocking, seersucker, bra tops, gingham, strategic cut-outs, fringe and abbreviated hem lengths.

Baker said the Gray Details offers women ideas, tips and plenty of photographs. “I would say that I’m really guiding people on ways to have more of an elegant style with edge,” she said.

Baker commends mothers and all women who celebrate themselves, their success and their accomplishments. They shouldn’t apologize. “They should own it,” she said.

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Stylist: Samia Moses Creative

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